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Shadow is now 51 years old. She was raised the old ways till she was twelve, she never really knew what electric,running water or any of the other modern things were till then.
She loves all of nature, she says her best friends are the wild animals of the woods.
Shadow is a self taught person,Shadow is also a survivor of cancer not just once but twice, and also a survivor of a fatal heart attack, she had triple bypass surgery when she was 44 years old. Shadow has a lot to celebrate and she is celebrating by helping those who need help, with the monies she makes from her sales. She loves people and making them happy. She loves to put smiles on faces.
She loves doing the work she does and helping others.
Shadow is proud to be Native American and tries to express that on our web site.
She loves to create and cook, she began this business for her enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.
She has raised 20 children only four of her own. 15 children that even the state had given up on, but not Shadow, she felt there are no bad children, just misunderstood ones, she said the best thing she got out of raising these children were after they were grown, them coming back home for a visit and Thanking her for being their mother, and teaching them about love,and Family, family unitity is very important. The last child she is raising is gone now, her 19 year old step son, he is her pride, although he does not know this, because he is in his own little world, she would  not trade him off for nothing in the world, he is a typical teen boy, rude, and not caring for anything but his self, but that is typical for a 19 year old, Shadow says. He is the proud daddy of a beautiful little girl, she was born August 23,2008. They named her Makenzie Lynn.
Shadow has seen alot of abuse and abandonment among young people in her life time and would had changed the world if she could have, but she took it one child at a time. Shadow is now living in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Her and her husband are no longer together.  He decided it was better they went their separate ways. They still communicate from time to time, but nothig like before. He is moving on with his life and she with hers.
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