All Your Custom Designed Engagement & Wedding needs in one place
We Custom Design all your Engagement & Wedding Announcements and Invitations with matching Table Number Cards, Place Cards, Thank You Notes all to match your Invitations. We Create Menus for your Receptions.
$5.00's out of every $100.00 of our net profit goes towards the Sheriff's Youth Ranch's to Help with the Children.


Down-Payment:  25% of product/products order is due before product/products are Designed/Created, do to orders being made and then canceled after product/products are designed/created. This is to protect YOU and US.

Payment :  is due upon the receipt of your pictures of finished product. And upon your Satisfaction
Payment Method:  Check or Money Order.
If paying by check it will take an extra 4 days for your shipment to be sent, due to check clearing.
SORRY we do not except credit cards at this time.

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Shadow's Engagement Announcement
Shadow's Engagement Announcement
Shadow's Engagment Announcement

All designs are customized for you – creating unique, personalized announcements that capture your taste and requirements!

You select the wording, the fonts, the layout and the design.

Base your announcement on an existing sample or combine multiple design elements to create a card that’s all your own!

Proofs will be sent within 48 hours of the receipt of your order, We are committed to our customers and will work with you until you are absolutely delighted!

Four sizes available

4x6, 4x8,5x5,& 5x7








All Announcements, Invitations & Thank You Notes are shown at actual size.

4x6 Cards 

  25-49 $2.50 ea.

  50-74 $1.85 ea.

  75-99 $1.75 ea.

100-149 $1.65 ea.

150-199 $1.55 ea.

 200 + $1.50 ea.

5x5, 5x7, 4x8 Cards

25 - 49 $2.50 ea.

50 - 74 $2.35 ea.

75 - 99 $2.25 ea.

100 - 149 $2.15 ea.

150 - 199 $2.05 ea.

200+ $2.00 ea.

All designs are made just for you, therefore they are fully

customizable to your specific requirements.

Bridal Announcement,Reception, Invitations
Shadow's Graphics Plus Bridal Announcements
Shadow's Wedding Announcement
Shadow's Graphics Plus Bridal Shower
Shadow's Graphics Plus Thank You Notes

Just a note to thank you
and a line to tell you, too,
nothing was more welcomed
than the lovely gift from you.


Shadow's Matching Thank You Note
Shadow's Matching Thank You Note

Our sincere thanks
for all your good wishes
and very lovely gift.


Bridal Shower,Wedding Invite,Thank You Note Card Sets
(These are just an example of the sets we offer. As usual they are Customized for the Clientele, pictures,wording coloring of words etc..)
All Annoucements, Invitations have matching Table Number Cards and Place Cards if needed/wanted.
  25 - 49 $2.50 ea.  
  50 - 74 $1.85 ea.
  75 - 99 $1.75 ea.
100-149 $1.65 ea.
150-199 $1.55 ea.
200 +     $1.50 ea.
Complete Order Prices
(When you order your wedding invitations,shower invitations, thank you notes these are the prices you pay according to quantity of your order.)
   25 -   $62.50
   49 - $122.50
   50 -   $92.50
   74 - $136.80
   75 - $131.25
   99 - $173.25
 100 - $165.00
 149 - $245.85
 150 - $232.50
 199 - $308.45
 200 +$300.00
Shadow's Graphics Plus Wedding Announcements .jpg
Shadow's Matching Thank You Note

Please accept our sincere thanks
for the lovely gift.
Both the thought and the gift
made us very happy.


Shadow's Wedding Anouncement
Shadow's Matching Thank You Note

Thank you for joining us
as we began our new life together.
Your generosity and thoughtfulness
were very much appreciated.


Shadow's Wedding Anouncement
Shadow's Matching Thank You Note

We thank you for
The time you spared
And the helping hand you gave
It meant so much
And we thank the Lord
For the effort that you made

Shadow's Wedding Announcement
Shadow's Matching Thank You Note

We just want to thank you
For the time you gave
The sharing of your talents
In the beautiful gifts you made
For you have blessed so many
And blessed the Lord above
For using your gifts to bless another
Reflects the Father’s love

Shadow's Wedding Announcement
Shadow's Matching Thank You Note

We thank you
for your thoughtfulness
and the wedding gift.


Shadow's Wedding Announcement
Shadow's Matching Thank You Note

With sincere appreciation,
we both send thanks to you
for your very lovely gift
and for your thoughtful wishes, too.


shadow's graphics bridal shower invitation.jpg

shadow's graphics matching wedding invitation.jpg

shadow's graphics matching thank you note.jpg

Words cannot express
the joy that we feel
remembering that you shared
the beginning of our new life together.
Thank you for your very thoughtful gift.


Casual Invitations & Announcements
Price: 15 @ $67.50
           25 @ $ 87.50
           50 @ $125.00
          100 @ $150.00
Matching Table Number Cards
You can order the table numbers to match any of your announcements, invitations. These are for the receptions,parties etc..after the ceremony.
We also have matching name placement cards.


1 - 12 - $6.95
1 - 24 - $13.95
1 - 36 - $20.95
1 -100 - $27.95
You are the


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